React and Middleman starter project

TL;DR I created a boilerplate project that runs React in Middleman. This project and all its pieces help me to create prototypes quickly and deploy them to heroku. Go straight to the repo here or run git clone 👍

I love Middleman

I started learning Ruby some time in 2008. I was hired by a company in Columbus, OH to build the next generation web hosting control panel - an RIA if you will. If you're not familiar with RIA build with ActionScript, it's likely because Steve Jobs killed it. I think the world is better off but I digress.

So in 2008'ish we, as a team, started learning Ruby (on Rails). Since then, I've always enjoyed the Ruby language and some of the tools associated with it - Middleman being one of them.

I love you

The React requirement

I can't work on a project these days without using some kind of Javascript framework. Todays winner is React - and that's ok. React is a good enough tool for responsive and fun applications. Even when I'm writing ClojureScript, I'm using React - or at least a library that wraps React. It's a powerful library; No doubt about it.

A useful combination

Middleman has made some good moves in last couple years and being able to take advantage of the External Pipeline has helped me step into Javascript Land in a more comfortable way. Don't get me wrong, create-react-app is still a great way to get a React application up and running. This marriage of Middle and React is a bit more niche, for sure but it has its benefits.

Take a look at the repo and give it a spin. I hope you'll find some value in it. Thanks for reading.

Thanks partner

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